Sheep fans to the fold...

Posted by Michael McCandless on

We know there are sheep fans all over the world. Are you named Lamb, Shepherd, Wooley? Raise sheep? Join us in an appreciation of our favorite ruminant pals.

When we started Ewe & Me—before the internet—we built a list of more than 10,000 folks from all over the world who wanted our catalog: Lambs, Shepherds, Wooleys, so many more. 

Now, that is up and running, we hope you will join us in having some fun appreciating what sheep,sheep farmers, and others contribute to the fold. Sheep and lambs are important symbols in culture and religion because of their long service in providing food, shelter, clothing, and livelihood. If you're a back-to-basics person at all, we hope you will help us celebrate the species Ovis aries.

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