About us

Long, long ago—in the 1970s—three 20-somethings whiled away Sunday mornings in their favorite breakfast joint and dreamed dreams of future careers. Like 20-somethings now, they saw big opportunities in retail—reaching the millions with creative products that would catapult them to fame and fortune still early in their adult lives. One had loved working in a camera store during college. The other was all into houseplants—a major trend of the time. They thought "Photosynthesis" would be a great name for a combo plant and camera store. It's the thought that counts.

By the mid 1980s, these two had three little blessings under five and a fixer-upper. The trend then was "country living" designs and products. She—in her spare, mom-at-home time—somehow created a mail order catalog for a business she called Ewe & Me. A 1/16-page ad was purchased in Better Homes and Gardens' Country Home magazine offering her catalog for a buck. Ten-thousand bucks later she was selling inventory from the dining room while he built the mailing list and did the banking on his Apple II. After several years, life overwhelmed the business and they set it aside. 

Now, several careers and moves later, they are back at it again—Ewe & Me digital for the new century. With new tech and social media, we are pumped about again connecting sheep-stuff lovers from all over the planet and creating a new community of ovisphiles (our word for sheep fans).

Join the fold. Have some fun.  Here at Ewe&Me.shop.

A bit more

Back in the mid-80s, the tools of our trade were an Apple II computer, an application called the Mail Order Wizard to manage our mailing list and print labels, a notebook to keep track of our product suppliers and ideas, and a camera for product shots. "Desktop publishing" was brand new—the Internet, still a government-only network. We hand-made a 5" x 8.5", 24-page catalog using our own design and a local printer. We did all product development and sourcing, inventory management, packing and shipping, product photography, and advertising with no prior experience or understanding of what we couldn't possibly do on our own. We became serial, incorrigible entrepreneurs with adult ADHD, ever-ready to move on to the next great thing. Now, as life's clock ticks louder and louder, we are very pleased to be able to re-launch Ewe & Me from the heart of the American Midwest and watch it thrive using all the great tools available over the web. And we promise not to get too distracted.

Why sheep?

Why not? Back in college, I was the Super 8 camera person for a documentary following the life of a local farmer as he raised sheep from birth to market. As a city-boy, farm life was all-new, all-thrilling and all-fascinating. I thought I saw a real nobility in the dedication and commitment of the farmer and the service of the sheep. We salute all you shepherds, farmers, and farm families out there and hope Ewe & Me will bring you a moment's diversion, a few smiles, and something to share. We also think lambs are really cute! Thanks for coming.

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